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Dispatch Services: Your Dedicated Dispatcher Does All The Heavy Lifting So You Can Stay Focused On Driving
Capital Dispatching is a “Full Service” logistics company that handles all of the back-office work so you can compete with the large fleets. Typically, a large carrier would hire somebody to handle all of these tasks, but it is unaffordable for a small carrier, that’s where Capital Dispatching comes in to help! Our process is simple, your dedicated dispatcher will work with you by your rules. We develop the best lanes that suit your desired schedule, whether you want to be home every night, every other night, or once every 2 weeks, our dispatchers work with you to develop a lane that will achieve your target goals.

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Capital Dispatching LLC specialize in helping small trucking and courier companies with one to three vehicles to find the best freight load rates possible. We negotiate at the highest rates and inform you about transport options also assist you and make the final decision that is best for you and your truck driver. Our office keeps track of every load that has been transported by your company from start to finish.


We go above and beyond in order to show our clients why we’re the best option for their needs, which include special features to ensure their top satisfaction. Read below to learn more, and contact us with questions.

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